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Early Booking Bonus Savings!

Early Booking Bonus Savings!
Planning a little early, at the Hotel Platino & Casino, can not only save you stress, it can save you money as well! All you need to do is book seven days, or more, in advance to enjoy:
• 30% discount on our already accessible price.
• Wi-Fi and free Internet service, with unlimited access.
• Two free water bottles upon arrival!
Please note that this offer cannot be combined with any other promotion and is non-refundable. Available rooms are limited.


Get the Best Prices Online

Benefits of booking online
If you make a reservation from this website, we can assure you that you will get the best price. The advantages you get are:
• Avoid intermediaries and therefore save money!
• Make sure there are no misunderstandings and that you’ll get your room.
• The approval of your reservation is done immediately.
• And, if you have any doubts or questions, these will be handled by the hotel staff, not by a vendor outside of us.

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