Platino Hotel & Casino Prevention Plan


At Platino Hotel & Casino, we are committed to the safety and well-being of all our guests, employees, and collaborators. We have always worked hard to guarantee the highest standards of cleanliness and general care of our facilities and services.

We are currently facing a delicate situation due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This has made us adopt a solid prevention plan according to the recommendations issued by the health authorities of the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Ministry of Public Health of the Dominican Republic.

Our objective is to reinforce the hygiene measures that we have practiced on a daily basis within all of our areas. During these times, when cleaning must be more thorough than ever, we are committed to guaranteeing maximum health, safety, and security for our guests.

For these special circumstances, we have designed different action blocks focused on meeting the specific needs of each area. Each of them is described under the specifications corresponding to their purpose:


  • Hotel Entrance:

Upon arrival, all guests will be greeted at the entrance by security personnel, who will assess the body temperature of each guest. Subsequently, you will receive hand sanitizer. We also have disinfecting mats located outside the doors before you enter our facilities.

In addition, you will be reminded about the importance of properly wearing a face mask. If you do not have a face mask, one will be provided by our Hotel.

  • Guest Room:

Your room will be unoccupied for at least 24 hours prior to your arrival. We take room safety very seriously and no staff member will enter your room during your stay unless specifically requested. This includes daily housekeeping service, as well, so just let us know if you would like your room serviced and we will do so at a time when you are out. For everyone’s safety, only registered guests are allowed inside the hotel.

  • Extensive Cleaning Protocols:

For cleaning, we use effective medical-grade products to eliminate the virus. Inside guest rooms, disinfection occurs after guests’ departure and a period of 24 hours must pass before the next guest arrival can occupy the room. We place special focus on high-touch surfaces and items that receive frequent contact.

Public spaces are subjected to constant disinfection, including door handles, room keys, remote controls, light switches, among others.

The areas shared by all staff members, such as locker rooms, entrances, and offices are sanitized regularly under the strictest cleaning protocols. The use of masks and gloves will be essential.

  • Use of innovative disinfection technologies:

Disinfection is carried out constantly in all spaces; however, we will also incorporate new technologies to aid in the cleaning process. One example is electrostatic sprayers that will be used throughout the hotel.

  • Modification of reservations and cancellations:

Reservations may be modified or canceled by hotel management within 24 hours of your arrival, without any kind of payment, regardless of the date of arrival, length of stay, or payment type.

If you require a change or modification to your reservation, it will be subject to the rates and availability at the time for the indicated date. This policy will be in effect until August 30, 2022, and thereafter, should hotel management decide to extend this policy. Additionally, there may be an exception for travel associated with group reservations. Contact the hotel for more information.


  • Hygienic measures for our staff

The health of all staff is a priority. We encourage a work environment where all staff members can perform the functions of their jobs without risk. Achieving this with our effective cleaning program, the safety of staff members, and consequently, of our guests, is guaranteed.

Among these measures is constant hand hygiene, which will be of utmost importance. Frequent and adequate hand washing has been proven as the most effective method to prevent the spread of the virus. Our team is aware of the vitality of this measure, thanks to the constant reminders raised throughout the day.

Another measure includes the ongoing training we offer to our staff regarding cleaning protocols and their services. Real-time information from our administrative teams is constantly flowing, 24 hours a day.

  • Social distancing between employees and guests:

The rules of social distancing are strictly followed at our facilities. We have taken the necessary measures for following distancing guidelines. Due to such protocols, contact between guests and employees has been simplified to ensure constant adherence to the policy.

The removal of brochures and documents in the lobby will also eliminate the potential for spreading the virus through contact. Disinfection stations, or access to disinfecting wipes, will always be within easy reach of all guests.

Kitchen and restaurant

  • Protection proposals:

All food service procedures will follow local regulations ordered by the authorities during this exceptional situation. This includes providing a greater variety of pre-packaged food and beverages for guests.

Breakfast rooms will be closed to minimize large, unnecessary concentrations of guests. Therefore, served or pre-planned breakfasts are encouraged. This is a measure to reduce the possibility of cross-contamination.

  • Utensils used to eat:

Not only do regulations require that kitchens must be cleaned and disinfected multiple times a day, but additional attention has been paid to small details. As an example, all condiments and self-service utensils have been removed.

There will be pre-packaged plastic cutlery and disposable cups available. There is no refill option for beverages at this time. Likewise, printed menus have been omitted, as they are potential sources for spreading infection. Instead, digital alternatives will be available and accessible from guests’ personal electronic equipment such as phones and tablets. If digital options are not available, one-time-use printed menus will be used.


At Platino Hotel & Casino, we guarantee to continue providing excellent services despite current difficulties. We will work to achieve these expectations daily so everyone working and visiting our property is kept healthy and safe.

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